Why Hydraulic Car Jacks Are the Best Tool to Lift A Car

Why Hydraulic Car Jacks Are the Best Tool to Lift A Car

If a product doesn’t have a special value, it will not survive in the market. This rule is apparent in the industrial and automobile market.

As Hydraulic jacks are currently dominating the market, they sure are special.

But is a hydraulic car jack a good tool to lift a car?

The only way to know is to compare it with other popular means to get your car out of the ground.

We only have two types of jacks rivaling the hydraulic jack;

  • Scissor Jack
  • Bottle Jack

There are plenty of other types, but they are for specialized needs and are mostly used by professionals on special occasions.

Hydraulic Jacks VS. Scissor Jacks

Scissor jack is the older man in the group. It uses pure mechanical power and relies heavily on the structural integrity of the jack. But it is not as durable as the hydraulic jacks. Moreover, hydraulics is the industrial way to manage weight.

Hydraulic Jacks VS. Scissor Jacks

Hydraulic jacks can lift more weight and sustain it for a longer time. It is more versatile as well. You can also lift higher with a smaller jack.

There are only three areas where scissor jacks beat hydraulics;

  • Portability
  • Price
  • Maintenance

If you can manage the time and money, hydraulics is always the better option.

Hydraulic Jacks Vs. Bottle Jacks

Bottle jacks follow the same principle as hydraulic jacks. However, they are much more compact and can lift higher than hydraulic jacks.

However, bottle jacks lack seriously on stability and sustainability. With higher loads, you can’t use them for a long time. Bottle jacks are also harder to use. If you are a professional, bottle jacks are not for you.

Bottle jack beats hydraulics jacks in two areas;

  • The power to size ratio
  • Compactness of design

If you don’t have a car that is higher from the ground than other vehicles, you should avoid this jack.

Some Other Types of Jacks

I already said that there are other types of jacks than the three discussed above. Those are;

  • Farm Jack: Designed for tractors and farm equipment
  • Exhaust Air Jack: Designed for off-road and softer terrains
  • High-lift Jack: Cheaper option for high lift vehicles for softer grounds
  • Pneumatic Jack: Designed for buses and industrial vehicles

I can go like this all day, but they will all be unsuitable for cars. If you want to read about them, you can check out Toolscue. They have some awesome contents on this.


I think you can understand why hydraulic jacks are the best tool for lifting your car. However, if you have a lower budget or greater need for portability, you can go for scissor jacks.