What Are Some Uses For a Lathe Machine?

What Are Some Uses For a Lathe Machine

A lathe machine is considered the mother of all machines as it comes with multiple advantages. This is very renowned among manufacturing companies and other industries as this machine gets its job done smoothly and efficiently. Engineers love this, and they consider it as their helping hand.

If a situation comes that you have to shape and design some pieces of metal or even woods, the lathe machine is the one that you must go for without a shadow of a doubt.

You will find out some of the uses for a lathe machine that might help to buy the one that suits your requirements (if you are up for buying it). Read on to find out more.

Practical Uses

These are used in workshops; it has features like sawing and cutting the work materials. Not even that, you can do the sanding with the help of it. Sounds surprising, right!

If your material needs drilling, you can rely on this outstanding tool. But what will happen if you prefer to increase the size of your drilled hole?

Don’t get tensed because this machine possesses the ability to satisfy this kind of criteria. You can do this accurately and precisely for the hole diameter.

Knurling is a very famous manufacturing process around the world. This is engraving horizontal, vertical, and cross lines onto the work material. You might have seen some material surface that looks exactly like a diamond.

It is up to the manufacturer to determine the kind of shape they prefer to give onto their material surface.

You can create crankshafts that are mainly used in internal combustion engines. These rotating shafts can take power from the engine and transmit it to the other parts of the vehicle.

Other than creating these challenging workpieces, these machines are also used for upgrading the household furniture for people. Attractive furniture like table legs, bowls, etc. are manufactured using this tool.

Types of Lathe Machine and Their Uses

Types of Lathe Machine and Their Uses

Up to this point, you have seen some of the practical uses of lathe machines that are performed worldwide. Now, you will be enlightened with different types of this machine and how they are used according to their features.

  • Light Duty

The name expresses everything. These machines come with smaller sizes compared to the other lathe machine that will be described later. The swing part of this tool is made within the size range nine to ten inches.

These are fixed onto the tabletop or bench. The purpose of the swing is to measure the maximum dimension that the machine will be able to rotate. These are of high demand and very lucrative in automobile industries due to its beneficial features. Electrical industries also prefer to use it to get efficient outputs.

  • Medium Duty

These are made with cast iron of higher grade. This kind of upgrade exerts an extra amount of strength onto the machine bed. The striking quality of this tool is that it performs to its full extent in any situation.

medium duty lathe machine

Most importantly, it makes sure that the outputs are as accurate as possible. If you compare it to the light-duty one, then it is pretty much believed that this one comes with immense strength, and due to this, it can be used for larger work materials.

  • Heavy Duty

This one is a callous machine as it is made of premium quality steel and iron. The review for this tool is always positive because of its outstanding quality. The quality is directly proportional to the output rate. There are various complicated tasks in the industry, and in this critical situation, this tool comes into play.

Top-level industries like power and steel plants, oil industries, etc. require a huge level of production. The engineers require the kind of machine that will provide a good quality output at a swift pace. In this situation, the first machine that comes in their mind is the lathe machine.

  • Extra Heavy Duty

Out of the three, this machine is the strongest and the most efficient. The additional name ‘extra’ means that the speed and the quality will be additional than the mentioned previous ones.

Shipbuilding factories and even paper industries always use this machine. Due to its enormous strength, the steel and iron manufacturing industry completely relies on it.


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