What is the best type of wood used for machining on lathe?

best type of wood used for machining on lathe

Using the machine tool lathe is very satisfying and therapeutic. It looks very relaxing when you get to see the wood rotating on an axis of rotation. You can do a lot with this all-rounder tool like sanding, cutting, etc.

To get a good grip on woodturning, you need to have a lathe and other equipment. With the best wood type in your arsenal, the wood will turn in a very flexible way, and along with that, you can surely create some masterpiece out of that. Your overall project will be an enjoyable one, for sure.

Following that article, you will get to know the best type of wood used for a machine on a lathe. Read on to find out more.

  • Hickory

This one works very well with the lathe, and the rotation in the spindle is very smooth. It is widely popular because it can take a huge amount of pressure without getting damaged.

Hickory Wood

One bad thing about this wood is that it gets scratch very easily, so it is better that you sand it in the line of the grain rather than against it. Avoid holding the sandpaper during the time the hickory is rotating.

  • Sycamore

If you look at the pattern of this wood, you will be surprised within a split of a second. The reason is due to the unique grain pattern that makes it very attractive in any woodwork.

Sycamore Wood


The pattern in this wood is made naturally in a way that it is pretty much impossible that you can split it in half. This plain simple, stylish wood works very gently with lathe and mixes very well with other hardwoods when it comes to segmented turning.

These turning is done using lathe where different woods are glued together to make a unique pattern and different kinds of effects.

  • Mesquite

This hardwood is not widely available, but if you get a handful of it, you will have a very enjoyable time working with it on the lathe. You can create pepper grinders, bottle stoppers, and many more.

Mesquite wood

With this wood, you can create various stylish designs that will catch everyone’s attention if they get a glimpse of it.

  • Rosewood

These woods are very rare to find, and in the latest research, it was found that some of them are in the existence of humanity. If you get a hold of it, you will be a very lucky person.


These expensive woods work fine with a lathe, and like ebony, this also looks very attractive in making showpieces and other eye-catching patterns.

  • Ash

These woods are considered to be one of the easiest ones to work with on lathe. The turning is very easy, and you can get your desired output without going through any additional hassle.


These are very famous in the USA because of one prime reason, and that is in making baseball bats. Its high demand among people is due to its high resistance and endurance from any damage. For hammer and shovel handles, this type of wood becomes their first pick that the manufacturer prefers to go for.

  • Ebony

This hardwood is quite expensive because it is quite rare throughout the world. It comes as brown or in black color and is very good at differentiating itself from the other woods.


These are very famous when it comes to the making of showpieces because it can create visual effects and different kind of patterns that elevates the beauty of this kind of masterpiece.

Though the price is comparatively high than the other wood, you can be sure that this will level up the class of your home or any other area. You will get a marvelous finish if you use it for machining on a lathe.

  • Beech

These woods are very renowned for their plain and simple texture. You won’t see any grains in this type of wood like the one you see in regular ones. These works smoothly on a lathe, and the result that comes out of it is marvelous.

Beech wood

There are woods that give out some smell naturally, but the good news is that you won’t have to face this kind of situation from beech woods. This is the biggest advantage that this wood possesses, and for this reason, it is highly used in dining projects like making bowls, wooden glasses, and many more.


Check out these lathe reviews to understand the perception of different categories of people. They might provide you with some additional information that could help you out in the long run.

Enjoy your work and create some astounding piece of woodwork.

Have a good day.