How to Make a DIY Paddle Boat at Home?

How to make a DIY paddle boat at home

Spending some amount of time with the freshness of the water is refreshing, and you can’t compare it with anything. On a beautiful day, when the vitality and freshness of nature are at its peak, you might want to head onto the water.

Swimming is not the ultimate solution every time in this case. How will it feel if you use the paddle boat as a good alternative? Sounds marvelous, right! With the use of this boat, you might invite one of your friends or family members alongside you.

Up to this point, it is pretty much predictable that you have given a thought about renting a pedal boat. Without renting and spending your money, there is an excellent alternative. The good news is that you can make a DIY paddle boat at home.

With the help of the article below, you can turn your vision into reality. You will get a step by step guide that will give you all the information that will make your DIY project a successful one. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into it.

Making a DIY Paddle Boat at Home

Making a DIY Paddle Boat at Home

Check out the step by step guide of making a DIY paddle boat at home. Follow all the process from start to the end precisely.

Step 1: Gather All The Necessary Materials From Your Home

Take all the essential materials for this project and assemble all of it in one place. Start with the safety gloves and eyewear. These will keep you protected from any harm.

Wear it before you start your work. Check whether you have a couple of large plastic bottles or not. If you have, good for you and if you don’t take some of it from the neighbors and from other people.

To make the floor of your paddle boat, you need to use plywood. For this task, use three-quarters of plywood. Take a good duct tape and tape the bottles. Make two accurate pontoons out of it. Finally, secure all of them tight to the plywood deck.

Step 2: Securely Connect The Pontoons

You can’t take the pontoons onto the wood and get on with paddling. This is a very crucial stage as you have to very smart and strategic in this process. Take your drilling machine and drill four holes.

Make a pair on each end so that you will have an overall of four pairs approximately. Pick the ratcheting straps and put it through the hole. Do it for each corner. To secure it tightly, thread a strap onto the front and the other onto on the back, and you are good to go.

Step 3: Paddle Machine Construction

This process is a challenging one, but with the proper tools and techniques, you can successfully get your job done. If you have an old bike, you can use its frame and the wheel for the mechanism. Search for the bed frame also.

Cut the main and down tube from the frame so that the back part of the triangle frame is untouched. Carefully pick it up and turn it over in an upside-down position. Finally, screw it onto the back of the boat.

your paddle boat

For your flexibility and adjustment, make sure you are adding space for the paddles. You can do this by welding a half foot bolt onto the axle (rotating gear of the bike).

This technique will enlarge the area for the paddles to be positioned. You can’t do the paddling without any support, and to achieve this, you should cut the bed frame into a minimum inch of pieces.

Keep the size around 4-6 inches to the maximum. Big paddle supports will take up space and will create an uneven paddling for you. For the wheel frame, cut a thirty-inch length of two portions from the bed frame.

Weld the supports onto the required place. Finally, put a seat in the opposite direction of the paddle and drill it onto the deck.

Step 4: Final Touch

Connect the paddlewheel onto the boat and check whether the wheel is rotating completely or not. Check all the other mechanisms, and if you got the green signal, move onto the finishing step.

Unscrew the frame from the plywood (deck) and readjust the position. You should do this so that the gears can assemble in a straight position. Your legs should easily reach the paddles, so make sure these leg supports along with the triangle frame, are in a moderate distance from your seat.

Take the long chain from the bike and connect it to the pedal mechanism. Give it a final check for any sharp edges and smoothen the area from one end to the other. Congrats! You are done making your first-ever paddle boat with the home equipment.


As this one is a homemade paddle boat, you should test this with a single person initially. If you are getting the desirable performance, add one more person. Don’t add any more than that.

Wear a life jacket for additional precautions.

Best of luck and enjoy paddling.