Why Hydraulic Car Jacks Are the Best Tool to Lift A Car

Why Hydraulic Car Jacks Are the Best Tool to Lift A Car

If a product doesn’t have a special value, it will not survive in the market. This rule is apparent in the industrial and automobile market.

As Hydraulic jacks are currently dominating the market, they sure are special.

But is a hydraulic car jack a good tool to lift a car?

The only way to know is to compare it with other popular means to get your car out of the ground.

We only have two types of jacks rivaling the hydraulic jack;

  • Scissor Jack
  • Bottle Jack

There are plenty of other types, but they are for specialized needs and are mostly used by professionals on special occasions.

Hydraulic Jacks VS. Scissor Jacks

Scissor jack is the older man in the group. It uses pure mechanical power and relies heavily on the structural integrity of the jack. But it is not as durable as the hydraulic jacks. Moreover, hydraulics is the industrial way to manage weight.

Hydraulic Jacks VS. Scissor Jacks

Hydraulic jacks can lift more weight and sustain it for a longer time. It is more versatile as well. You can also lift higher with a smaller jack.

There are only three areas where scissor jacks beat hydraulics;

  • Portability
  • Price
  • Maintenance

If you can manage the time and money, hydraulics is always the better option.

Hydraulic Jacks Vs. Bottle Jacks

Bottle jacks follow the same principle as hydraulic jacks. However, they are much more compact and can lift higher than hydraulic jacks.

However, bottle jacks lack seriously on stability and sustainability. With higher loads, you can’t use them for a long time. Bottle jacks are also harder to use. If you are a professional, bottle jacks are not for you.

Bottle jack beats hydraulics jacks in two areas;

  • The power to size ratio
  • Compactness of design

If you don’t have a car that is higher from the ground than other vehicles, you should avoid this jack.

Some Other Types of Jacks

I already said that there are other types of jacks than the three discussed above. Those are;

  • Farm Jack: Designed for tractors and farm equipment
  • Exhaust Air Jack: Designed for off-road and softer terrains
  • High-lift Jack: Cheaper option for high lift vehicles for softer grounds
  • Pneumatic Jack: Designed for buses and industrial vehicles

I can go like this all day, but they will all be unsuitable for cars. If you want to read about them, you can check out Toolscue. They have some awesome contents on this.


I think you can understand why hydraulic jacks are the best tool for lifting your car. However, if you have a lower budget or greater need for portability, you can go for scissor jacks.

How to Make a DIY Paddle Boat at Home?

How to make a DIY paddle boat at home

Spending some amount of time with the freshness of the water is refreshing, and you can’t compare it with anything. On a beautiful day, when the vitality and freshness of nature are at its peak, you might want to head onto the water.

Swimming is not the ultimate solution every time in this case. How will it feel if you use the paddle boat as a good alternative? Sounds marvelous, right! With the use of this boat, you might invite one of your friends or family members alongside you.

Up to this point, it is pretty much predictable that you have given a thought about renting a pedal boat. Without renting and spending your money, there is an excellent alternative. The good news is that you can make a DIY paddle boat at home.

With the help of the article below, you can turn your vision into reality. You will get a step by step guide that will give you all the information that will make your DIY project a successful one. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into it.

Making a DIY Paddle Boat at Home

Making a DIY Paddle Boat at Home

Check out the step by step guide of making a DIY paddle boat at home. Follow all the process from start to the end precisely.

Step 1: Gather All The Necessary Materials From Your Home

Take all the essential materials for this project and assemble all of it in one place. Start with the safety gloves and eyewear. These will keep you protected from any harm.

Wear it before you start your work. Check whether you have a couple of large plastic bottles or not. If you have, good for you and if you don’t take some of it from the neighbors and from other people.

To make the floor of your paddle boat, you need to use plywood. For this task, use three-quarters of plywood. Take a good duct tape and tape the bottles. Make two accurate pontoons out of it. Finally, secure all of them tight to the plywood deck.

Step 2: Securely Connect The Pontoons

You can’t take the pontoons onto the wood and get on with paddling. This is a very crucial stage as you have to very smart and strategic in this process. Take your drilling machine and drill four holes.

Make a pair on each end so that you will have an overall of four pairs approximately. Pick the ratcheting straps and put it through the hole. Do it for each corner. To secure it tightly, thread a strap onto the front and the other onto on the back, and you are good to go.

Step 3: Paddle Machine Construction

This process is a challenging one, but with the proper tools and techniques, you can successfully get your job done. If you have an old bike, you can use its frame and the wheel for the mechanism. Search for the bed frame also.

Cut the main and down tube from the frame so that the back part of the triangle frame is untouched. Carefully pick it up and turn it over in an upside-down position. Finally, screw it onto the back of the boat.

your paddle boat

For your flexibility and adjustment, make sure you are adding space for the paddles. You can do this by welding a half foot bolt onto the axle (rotating gear of the bike).

This technique will enlarge the area for the paddles to be positioned. You can’t do the paddling without any support, and to achieve this, you should cut the bed frame into a minimum inch of pieces.

Keep the size around 4-6 inches to the maximum. Big paddle supports will take up space and will create an uneven paddling for you. For the wheel frame, cut a thirty-inch length of two portions from the bed frame.

Weld the supports onto the required place. Finally, put a seat in the opposite direction of the paddle and drill it onto the deck.

Step 4: Final Touch

Connect the paddlewheel onto the boat and check whether the wheel is rotating completely or not. Check all the other mechanisms, and if you got the green signal, move onto the finishing step.

Unscrew the frame from the plywood (deck) and readjust the position. You should do this so that the gears can assemble in a straight position. Your legs should easily reach the paddles, so make sure these leg supports along with the triangle frame, are in a moderate distance from your seat.

Take the long chain from the bike and connect it to the pedal mechanism. Give it a final check for any sharp edges and smoothen the area from one end to the other. Congrats! You are done making your first-ever paddle boat with the home equipment.


As this one is a homemade paddle boat, you should test this with a single person initially. If you are getting the desirable performance, add one more person. Don’t add any more than that.

Wear a life jacket for additional precautions.

Best of luck and enjoy paddling.

What is the best type of wood used for machining on lathe?

best type of wood used for machining on lathe

Using the machine tool lathe is very satisfying and therapeutic. It looks very relaxing when you get to see the wood rotating on an axis of rotation. You can do a lot with this all-rounder tool like sanding, cutting, etc.

To get a good grip on woodturning, you need to have a lathe and other equipment. With the best wood type in your arsenal, the wood will turn in a very flexible way, and along with that, you can surely create some masterpiece out of that. Your overall project will be an enjoyable one, for sure.

Following that article, you will get to know the best type of wood used for a machine on a lathe. Read on to find out more.

  • Hickory

This one works very well with the lathe, and the rotation in the spindle is very smooth. It is widely popular because it can take a huge amount of pressure without getting damaged.

Hickory Wood

One bad thing about this wood is that it gets scratch very easily, so it is better that you sand it in the line of the grain rather than against it. Avoid holding the sandpaper during the time the hickory is rotating.

  • Sycamore

If you look at the pattern of this wood, you will be surprised within a split of a second. The reason is due to the unique grain pattern that makes it very attractive in any woodwork.

Sycamore Wood


The pattern in this wood is made naturally in a way that it is pretty much impossible that you can split it in half. This plain simple, stylish wood works very gently with lathe and mixes very well with other hardwoods when it comes to segmented turning.

These turning is done using lathe where different woods are glued together to make a unique pattern and different kinds of effects.

  • Mesquite

This hardwood is not widely available, but if you get a handful of it, you will have a very enjoyable time working with it on the lathe. You can create pepper grinders, bottle stoppers, and many more.

Mesquite wood

With this wood, you can create various stylish designs that will catch everyone’s attention if they get a glimpse of it.

  • Rosewood

These woods are very rare to find, and in the latest research, it was found that some of them are in the existence of humanity. If you get a hold of it, you will be a very lucky person.


These expensive woods work fine with a lathe, and like ebony, this also looks very attractive in making showpieces and other eye-catching patterns.

  • Ash

These woods are considered to be one of the easiest ones to work with on lathe. The turning is very easy, and you can get your desired output without going through any additional hassle.


These are very famous in the USA because of one prime reason, and that is in making baseball bats. Its high demand among people is due to its high resistance and endurance from any damage. For hammer and shovel handles, this type of wood becomes their first pick that the manufacturer prefers to go for.

  • Ebony

This hardwood is quite expensive because it is quite rare throughout the world. It comes as brown or in black color and is very good at differentiating itself from the other woods.


These are very famous when it comes to the making of showpieces because it can create visual effects and different kind of patterns that elevates the beauty of this kind of masterpiece.

Though the price is comparatively high than the other wood, you can be sure that this will level up the class of your home or any other area. You will get a marvelous finish if you use it for machining on a lathe.

  • Beech

These woods are very renowned for their plain and simple texture. You won’t see any grains in this type of wood like the one you see in regular ones. These works smoothly on a lathe, and the result that comes out of it is marvelous.

Beech wood

There are woods that give out some smell naturally, but the good news is that you won’t have to face this kind of situation from beech woods. This is the biggest advantage that this wood possesses, and for this reason, it is highly used in dining projects like making bowls, wooden glasses, and many more.


Check out these lathe reviews to understand the perception of different categories of people. They might provide you with some additional information that could help you out in the long run.

Enjoy your work and create some astounding piece of woodwork.

Have a good day.

What do I need to know when shopping for a pontoon boat?

What do I need to know when shopping for a pontoon boat

A pontoon boat will be the best choice if you are up for a family boat trip. The trip might include parties or other recreational activities. It really sounds surprising because this entire thing usually is believable in case of cruises or other big ships.

A pontoon boat can fulfill this kind of criteria due to its flat base. The bottom is fixed with more than one pontoon. These pontoons are known as air-tight hollow tubes, which create the right balance between the boat and the water.

You will be able to move from one place to another in the boat, and surprisingly, you won’t have to face any kind of hurdles. Till this point, you might have asked yourself what is the best pontoon boat?

Good news! You will get your clarification from this article, but first of all, you have to know some important things when shopping for a pontoon boat.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


Before you head out to buy your beloved pontoon boat, the first thing you should consider is the size. The size of the boat is dependent on the number of people that you are going to take and also the kind of water that you have to go through.

If you have 6 to 8 people, buy the boat that is between the ranges 16 to 19 feet. This one runs smoothly in normal and calm waters. Don’t take this boat in rough waters.

pontoon boat size

In the case of more people (up to 12), go for the one that is larger than the previous one. 20 to 22 feet will do the work for you. You can easily take this boat in rivers or lakes but avoid going to the area that has strong waves. There is a possibility that it will flip due to the wave current.

For a good gathering of people like 15 to 16 of them, you should buy a larger one (just to be on the safer side). Check for the one that is massive within the range of 23 to 27 feet.

One of the biggest advantages of this boat is that it is very adaptable in rough waters, but you have to make sure that the pontoon tubes are large (more than 2 feet).


The cost of this boat is also dependent on lots of things. You have to check the brand, size of the deck and tube, engine size, and other features and specifications. The price range varies between $15,000 to a whopping $200,000. With the most expensive one, you can be sure that this boat will not disappoint you in any case.

If you are planning to buy the biggest boat, think, and consult with your family and friends first. Larger the size, the higher the money, and its maintenance cost. So, go for the one that fits with your current budget.

Along with that, make a financial plan about the expenses that you have to fear in the future regarding the repairing and maintenance cost.

Number of Pontoon Tubes

If you go for two pontoons, you have to be mentally prepared that the displacement speed will be slower than usual, but for cruising, this one is the top pick. You can use this for entertainment purposes like swimming and other stuff. You can even customize the speed by adding larger and stronger engines to make it run moderately faster.

Number of Pontoon Tubes

There are also three pontoons (Tri-toons) customizable options, but you have to put some extra money to buy this one. These are quite expensive due to their speed and powerful engine. The speed is quite fast that you can do water skiing, wakeboarding, etc.

Size of the Pontoon Tubes

Pontoon tube is considered as the heart of the boat. The tube creates an up-thrust or upward force that the water exerts on the boat. So, it is pretty much predictable that the boat movement and stability is dependent on the diameter of the tube. If you buy the tube with a large diameter, you will surely get stability and steady speed.

Size of the Pontoon Tubes

Small pontoon boats usually have a diameter of around 23 inches. In the case of the double and triple pontoons, you can expect to get the former one with a diameter of 24 inches and the latter one for 25 inches approximately. If you increase the price, you will get even larger diameters.

Engines: Powerful or Not?

For cruising purposes, buy the one with a less powerful engine. You need a moderate speed in this situation, so a stronger engine won’t be a suitable one. Check for the one that has a decent horsepower engine. The best to go for is between the range 50 to 60 HP.

For faster speed, buy the one with higher horsepower. If you are up for water skiing and towing, 100 to 150 HP will the best one for your requirement.


These are some of the essential things that you must consider when shopping for a pontoon boat. Pick the best one that can satisfy all of your criteria.

Best of luck.

What Are Some Uses For a Lathe Machine?

What Are Some Uses For a Lathe Machine

A lathe machine is considered the mother of all machines as it comes with multiple advantages. This is very renowned among manufacturing companies and other industries as this machine gets its job done smoothly and efficiently. Engineers love this, and they consider it as their helping hand.

If a situation comes that you have to shape and design some pieces of metal or even woods, the lathe machine is the one that you must go for without a shadow of a doubt.

You will find out some of the uses for a lathe machine that might help to buy the one that suits your requirements (if you are up for buying it). Read on to find out more.

Practical Uses

These are used in workshops; it has features like sawing and cutting the work materials. Not even that, you can do the sanding with the help of it. Sounds surprising, right!

If your material needs drilling, you can rely on this outstanding tool. But what will happen if you prefer to increase the size of your drilled hole?

Don’t get tensed because this machine possesses the ability to satisfy this kind of criteria. You can do this accurately and precisely for the hole diameter.

Knurling is a very famous manufacturing process around the world. This is engraving horizontal, vertical, and cross lines onto the work material. You might have seen some material surface that looks exactly like a diamond.

It is up to the manufacturer to determine the kind of shape they prefer to give onto their material surface.

You can create crankshafts that are mainly used in internal combustion engines. These rotating shafts can take power from the engine and transmit it to the other parts of the vehicle.

Other than creating these challenging workpieces, these machines are also used for upgrading the household furniture for people. Attractive furniture like table legs, bowls, etc. are manufactured using this tool.

Types of Lathe Machine and Their Uses

Types of Lathe Machine and Their Uses

Up to this point, you have seen some of the practical uses of lathe machines that are performed worldwide. Now, you will be enlightened with different types of this machine and how they are used according to their features.

  • Light Duty

The name expresses everything. These machines come with smaller sizes compared to the other lathe machine that will be described later. The swing part of this tool is made within the size range nine to ten inches.

These are fixed onto the tabletop or bench. The purpose of the swing is to measure the maximum dimension that the machine will be able to rotate. These are of high demand and very lucrative in automobile industries due to its beneficial features. Electrical industries also prefer to use it to get efficient outputs.

  • Medium Duty

These are made with cast iron of higher grade. This kind of upgrade exerts an extra amount of strength onto the machine bed. The striking quality of this tool is that it performs to its full extent in any situation.

medium duty lathe machine

Most importantly, it makes sure that the outputs are as accurate as possible. If you compare it to the light-duty one, then it is pretty much believed that this one comes with immense strength, and due to this, it can be used for larger work materials.

  • Heavy Duty

This one is a callous machine as it is made of premium quality steel and iron. The review for this tool is always positive because of its outstanding quality. The quality is directly proportional to the output rate. There are various complicated tasks in the industry, and in this critical situation, this tool comes into play.

Top-level industries like power and steel plants, oil industries, etc. require a huge level of production. The engineers require the kind of machine that will provide a good quality output at a swift pace. In this situation, the first machine that comes in their mind is the lathe machine.

  • Extra Heavy Duty

Out of the three, this machine is the strongest and the most efficient. The additional name ‘extra’ means that the speed and the quality will be additional than the mentioned previous ones.

Shipbuilding factories and even paper industries always use this machine. Due to its enormous strength, the steel and iron manufacturing industry completely relies on it.


I hope you have got what you were looking for from this article. You can search on the website for additional information about its uses.

If possible, visit some manufacturing industries and consult with the workers or engineers to gain some insight from them. They will surely provide you with some information that is currently not available on the website.

Have a good day.

Are Pontoon Boats More Dangerous Than Regular Boats?

Are pontoon boats more dangerous than regular boats

When it comes to safety, it is always a smart decision that you should gather knowledge and information from any kind of source, whether it is through consulting with someone or through searching on the website.

If you are planning for a family boat trip or any other kind of occasion that requires a boat, then pontoon or a regular boat should always be your first choice.

But the type of question that might pop in your mind is that which one of the boats will be safer to use? Are pontoon boats more dangerous than regular boats? Which one of them can satisfy your criteria?

Good news! You just came to the right place. The following article is very informative as it will provide all the answers to your questions. Read it from start to end and you will undoubtedly be benefited.

Difference Between A Pontoon And Regular Boats

A pontoon boat is a flat type of boat that remains stable in water in a more natural way. The base of the boat is connected to two pontoons so that the stability remains the same every time without any kind of uncertain problems.

Difference Between A Pontoon And Regular Boats

Regular boats are widespread and renowned throughout the world. The base looks like ‘v-shaped,’ and it can easily cut through the water during the time you start and move the boat.

As you have seen, these are the basic definitions for the two boats. Now, let’s check out the safety concerns that are the main highlight of this article.


Pontoon boats can carry around 16 people, whereas; the regular one can carry 12 people (maximum). This shows that the pontoon boats are built in a broader way than the regular ones.

As pontoon boats are more significant than the regular one, it shows that the center of gravity is more distributed in the case of the former one, and as a result, more safety is provided by this boat. You won’t face any kind of problem like tripping or boat shaking if you walk from one place to the other.

Speed and Stability

As mentioned above, the base of the pontoons provides more stability because it is not like the regular v-shaped boats. The move of the pontoon will be stable, and you will get the same feeling as the one you do while you drive.

The good thing about pontoon boats is that the speed of it is way more stable than the regular boats. The bottom flat portion of the pontoon can’t cut through the water as quickly as the regular one due to its ‘v-shaped’ base.

Speed of regular boat

You have to use an additional amount of fuel to level up the speed of the regular boats. Another excellent quality of the flat based boat is that you will be able to save fuel that you might have to waste for the regular one. Cheers!

If you are on a boat trip and the weather changes out of the blue, regular boats will provide more instability due to the strong winds. This kind of situation might create panic among you and others. But, you won’t have to go through this kind of panic situation if you are going to use pontoon boats.

To get that adrenaline rush flowing through your vein due to the high speed, go for the regular boats. For better stability and moderate speed, choose the pontoon without a doubt.

Performance in Rough Water

Unfortunately, pontoon boats will not perform well in rough water, but regular boats might turn out to be a life savior in this case.

If a large wave hits at the front of your pontoon, instead of going on top of the water, it will dive into it. This will create chaos and a life-threatening situation because the boat might flip within that moment.

Regular boats will ride onto the top of the water instead of diving into it. If the driver is strategic and smart, he/she might handle it according to the flow of water and get all of you out of harm’s way.

Are Pontoon Boats More Dangerous Than Regular Boats?

The answer is Yes, it is safer to use pontoon boats, and it is not dangerous than regular boats.

If you consider some points, pontoon boats will turn out into your favor, and you might use it every time you go out for a boat trip.

  • Avoid overloading the pontoon boat. Load up to 16 people and, if possible, keep it at a minimum of less than 16 (just to be on the safer side).
  • Check the weather forecast before you head out. If the weather condition is not favorable, avoid going into that area. Bad weather will cause unstable water waves, and you would never want that on your relaxing trip.
  • Carry all of the necessary equipment that is mandatory in a boat.
  • Always take life-saving jackets according to the number of people that are present on the boat.


Both boats are safe to use in different conditions, and if you handle it in the right way, your whole trip will be a memorable one.

The kind of boat that you will need will be completely dependent on your criteria. So, pick the one that suits your needs.

Best of luck.